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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 11, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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united states, not the guy who is running to replace him. >> greta: who is doing a better job of making that argument? is it legitimate? brit hume is here. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: it's a battle of who is the bigger out sorcer and is it fair? >> i suppose. but i don't think either one of them is much of one. i think the most telling thing about the flap over outsourcing is that the obama campaign got this idea out of a story in the washington post that was thinly sourced to begin with, a weak story and they went with it. which tells you something about the obama campaign. we think of this enormous apparatus, skillful people and they grab a story from a newspaper and use it as an attack. you sense they are grabbing whatever they can and throwing it up against the wall to see if it will stick. i don't think this stuck very well. the obama attack has been debunked by fact checker and
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even the washington post, which originated the whole thing, their fact checker and polito-fact has given it a bad review. and the republicans have said that it largely grew out of stimulus money, but i don't think either matters. >> greta: in fairness to the obama campaign, the attacks on the president obama out sourcing, the rnc's pointing to money to go to foreign companies, but the work is being done here in the united states. it is little -- >> well, that's not true. the fiscker automotive company is building cars in finland. >> greta: fiscker automotive, producing a luxury sportscar in finland. but fact check said that while the firm got $169 million, the loan money itself was spent in the u.s. >> money's spongeable. money -- if the money is spent here, that mean its frees up
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money to be spent there. that's the problem. that's the same -- that's why this argument, it seems to me is silly. i don't think either man has a policy of outsourcing, believes that outsourcing jobs to foreign countries is something they ought to be involved in and to some extent, outsourcing makes sense and is good for the economy. i don't think the issue will last long. i wonder what the independents think as they listen to tv and the candidates themselves and their cam tape pain, talking about outsourcing or not and the independents will determine who is the next president. i wonder if they think, if they are rolling their eyes at the name calling. >> i think they do. and i think at this stage, people are not focused on the campaign. there is a certain category of people who are intent on both sides. and they pay attention to all of these nuances and who gets the upper hand on this issue or that. i think that people's focus on this campaign has not begun and will start happening around the
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time of the conventions and beyond and particularly during the mob of october when people will be intensely focused. it is early yet. it is possible eye think this is what team obama is betting on, that if you can seriously define your opponent if the -- in the early stages of a race, in an indelible way, you can gain advantage that you may never lose. i'm not sure it's happening, but i think that's what they are trying to do. >> greta: it seems to me that the obama administration, or the campaign may be trying to frame governor romney a certain way. but underlying all of this, at least is the bad jobs reports. june was bad. we don't know about july or august or november. but no matter how much framing they do, you know, the jobs report is going to be king. >> i couldn't possibly agree with you more. that's the biggest political story of the hour and will continue to be as we get closer to the election. i might note this, while people's attention to the candidates and the campaigns may
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not be intense, this right now, this -- this season of the year has been in the past, the time and sentiment when the condition of the economy begins to harden. for example, in 1992 when bush was running for re-election, the economy had emerged from the relative mild recession. but the after-effects are being felt. by this time of year, the economy was beginning to grow, but it was too late. and by election day, it was -- it was -- we were in a full recovery mode. but it was way too late to save george h.w. bush. >> greta: i don't know how there could be a recovery between now and november by simple indicators, for instance, we are borrowing money, the interest rate is as low as you can get, you can't loosen up money. there are certain indcaishts where i don't know where the margins, where the president's going to see breathing room. have you problems in europe that are not getting better that have an enormous influence on the
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economy. nonetheless, he's the president and he gets stuck with it. i don't know -- i don't see any indicator in the economy that will help him enormously. >> i don't think we will have a strong rebound between now and election day. but the only point i was trying to make, even if we did, sentiment may have begun to turn in such a way that it's too late. >> greta: is there one ethnick group or demographic, which is key to the independent vote right now? >> well, no. i don't know how -- i couldn't possibly slice up the independent vote and tell you, you know, what its ethnic composition is. but you can slice up the electorate. and if you do and you think about the hispanic vote and the african-american vote, you can make a pretty good case that barack obama has an outstanding chance to win. if you assume that each candidate gives his base, then whoever wins the majority of the
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independents will win the election, which is what you were saying earlier. and that's the way i tried to look at it. >> i think the npsd sit back and laugh and arguew weather about whether it's independents or they have to sit back and roll their eyes at all of us. >> thank you. >> greta: now to the health care fight. the house vote to repeal careis only hours away. but this isn't the first time -- or the second time or the third time. this is the 31st attempt by the house to try to repeal or dismantle the health care law. house republicans insist the vote is not just symbolic. how will it be different? >> hey, good to be with you. >> greta: how can you convince me that this is not symbolic, in light of the fact that in order for anything to be passed, it has to go through the senate, which is democrat and the oval office, which is democrat. >> unlike the supreme court, we are responsible to the people. and the people in a growing number are opposed to this
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legislation. i was home last week, over the 4th of july holiday in a slew of parades and people were saying, we know the supreme court weighed in, but please, repeal this bill. i think given the fact that we're five months before election day, it's important for policy but also for people to put their marker on where they stand on the issue before we face the voters, come november. >> greta: wouldn't you be more effective -- wouldn't you agree, your vote tomorrow is not going to become law, would you agree? >> i would never say that. i can't predict what will senate will do -- >> greta: really? >> payroll tax extensions. >> greta: harry reid won't consider a budget. you think he's going to say, i am going to take that up -- >> that's an excellent point. the senate has not considered a budget for 3 years. does that mean the house shouldn't pass a budget? does that mean we shouldn't do our job? >> greta: i was thinking it might be a more interesting use of time in the vote tomorrow, the only way to get this changed by getting a republican senate.
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so it might be a better idea to campaign for your republican colleagues in the senate. that was my only thought. >> the debate today and tomorrow highlights the great difference between where many of us on the republican side stand on this issue. i think it will be as it was last election cycle, a major issue in this upcoming election. since the health care law has passed every election since then, the overwhelming american people have elected people who have supported this law. we are highlighting what is in the bill. which is something that was not done when the bill was first passed. people were told fthey like their health insurance, they were going to keep t. 20 million americans are expected to lose their health care coverage. the supreme court ruled that attacks in violation of the president and congress's own commitment -- >> greta: it seems to me that it is being used as a weapon, locking in democrats and certain jurisdictions where it is unlawyer and forcing them to go on the record between now and
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november, if their constit wens didn't know it -- >> absolutely! >> greta: if they near a district where they hate the health care law and they may like other things, they are forcing them to take a stand and to send the message back home. >> i think it's important for the electorate to know. some members have been trying to be too cute on this issue and have waffled back in their district. this is an opportunity to draw a bright line as to whether you support the law as it is written or do you favor repealing it and doing something more in line with getting individuals more control over their dollars and less government control. >> greta: any wager how many democrats you are going to peel off? >> i think it will be scores. i am not sure if it will be 15, 25, 30. i can imagine that it will be a large number of them. we had a considerable amount of democrat opposition when the law passed originally. i predict every republican to vote for repeal. and a number of democrats to
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join us as well. >> greta: in the big picture, is that a message to the president? is it relevant or irrelevant? >> i think it's relevant to the country because i think at the end of the day, people want us focused on the economy. they see it as a big job coster. when you talk to entrepreneurs and businesses and you ask them, why aren't you hiring? some is uncertainty around tax policy, which you talked about last night. some of this is about health care policy, people view the obamacare law as a huge cost driver to hire new people and one of the reasons that people are not hiring. >> greta: you don't expect that whatever happens tomorrow to go to the senate and be voted on? >> you are right that the senate has acted very little on the mounds of legislation that the house of representatives has passed to them. it boggles me why the president is able to get away with calling the republican party the party of no -- >> greta: i have never liked the fact that senator harry reidw can pocket veto the budget.
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the president sent a budget and the house did a budget and harry reid gets to pocket it and that's the end of it. >> i agree. let's hope they act. >> greta: i wouldn't hold your breath. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: now to the other side of the health care fight. rob andrews left the house floor. >> greta, how are you? >> greta: very well. how many democrats dak you will lose tomorrow in the vote? >> single digits. 5, 6, 7. >> greta: all right n. reading your comments, i paraphrased what you said, correct me if i am wrong, you say that people who say this is the largest tax increase, that's not true. 97% of families won't pay one dime more under the health care. the family that would pay more earn more than $300,000 a year or a person who occur afford health insurance and elects to object buy it and goes to the emergency room for care. this is about the health care,
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$300,000. >> adjusted gross income $250,000, that's about $300,000. when i saw that number, i thought, okay, the democratic party is doing a double whammy. at the same time you are saying that they are the ones who can pay for the health care, the president wants the people who make more than $300,000 to pay more taxes beginning at end of the year. they are getting squeezed twite twice by the democratic party this week. >> that's probably true. the small surtax on the health care is 1.9% of the income above the $300- if you repeal the bush tax cuts for that group and went back to the tax rates under clinton, where 23 million jobs were created, that would be the truth. but i think the record shows that 600,000 new businesses started under those tax rates, 23 million private sector jobs were created and i think it would happen again. >> greta: so it doesn't cause you -- i mean, there are many economists that believe that if you -- you know, if you clamp
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down too high on the taxes, on wage earners and higher wage earners, there will be less investment to create jobs. do you disavow that notion? >> i think that's a correct notion at a critical mass. i don't think moving marginal rates from 35 to 39 do that. when the marginal rates were 39 as they were in the clinton years, entrepreneurs created 600,000 new businesses and way it million new jobs. i think if the marginal rates were 55 -- they were 70 when reagan took over. so i think a 33% cut made sense. but the top marginal rate was 39 when president george w. bush came in. cut to 35. i think if we get good deficit reduction, bringing it to 35, i think that helps the economy. >> greta: looking at that and i want to talk to you about health care. but i am curious about the tax question, i see it in the health care and the tax are targeted at a certain economic strat a. i am
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curious, how much additional revenue -- if you know -- will be in the treasury if the taxes go up as to people who make $250 thrnd or more i. income tax or the health care? >> greta: income. >> the income over a 10- >> greta: one-year period? >> with 10, it's $3... $150 billion for one year. >> greta: one year. i did a little research. that's about -- it costs $10 billion a day to run the federal government. so that's a 15-day, you are asking for 15 days. >> it's a drop in the bucket. here's some other things. we should find a way to fairly restrain entitlement spending, this is a personal view. i think that medicare benefits should not vest until later for younger workers, i would say that if a person's under 55, they should have to wait one month for each one year they are under 55 to get their medicare benefits. i favor a sensible reduction in
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defense spending. i favor getting rid of most of the agriculture subsidies. i think there are housing and job training programs that could be consolidated. i think three-quarters of deficit reduction should be spending production and a quarter by revenue. >> greta: i get the members of congress here. everything seems reasonable and something happens in that building, over my left shoulder. people want to resolve the problems. why doesn't that happen in that building? >> you know, i continuing does happen. last summer, there was a deficit reduction law cut the deficit bi$2 trillion. but that was a gun to the head -- the members of congress were here because you had a gun to your head because you were hitting the debt ceiling, not because you thought this would be good planning -- >> in december of 2010, there was a huge bipartisan agreement to extend the lower tax rates two years -- >> greta: but once again, that
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was because they were about to expire. the gun was to your head then. this is not let's sit down and solve these. this is a gun to your head because they are about to expire. >> i am not going to argue that congress has the work habitsave college student who goes out and parties the whole semester and crams at the end -- >> greta: you don't think -- >> but, look. we have been able to have a $2 trillion bipartisan deficit reduction last august. we had a bi-partisan reduction in tax rates. i think we do it again and get $2 trillion or so reduction. >> greta: i would love to see bipartisan. but it is not happening right now. it is probably we are likely going to see action after the election. >> i wish it were tomorrow morning, i'll tell you y. i heard your discussion with my friend aaron. i don't think we have the job growth is because of a lack of confidence in employers and that stems from higher interest rates
1:17 am
from out-of-control deficits. people worry we could be the next greece or italy. the best cure for that disease is fiscal discipline. i think we can do get it done. >> greta: it's tax increase in the income bracket over $300,000 -- and according to what you said on the floor, they are paying the health care penalty. >> those are the arguments. i was here in 1993. we heard the same arguments. but here's what happened. the trade-off of slightly higher rates in exchange for major deficit reduction led to low, long-term interest rates, 600,000 new businesses and 23 million new jobs. that's a formula that could work again. >> greta: that's the last word. we have a hard break. straight ahead, president obama and governor romney may be tie in the polls, but does that really matter? is there something more important? and what do donald trump, kim kardashian and paris hilton have
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>> greta: it's a dead heat. the latest national poll showing mitt romney and president obama tied at 47%. how important are those national numbers? abc news editor rick klein is here. >> hi, greta. >> greta: we have the national numbers and the swing-state numbers. tell me, if you were running a campaign, what would you be looking at? national or swing? >> they are looking at the swing. these are 11 or 12 states that will determine the election. you can tell in the national numbers, when there are big things happening, it's a tie ball game, across the nation. then you drill down into the individual states and mitt romney is a little behind barack obama, but it's close, definitely within striking distance in the critical states, i am surprised at ohio. obama is up by 9. that seems like a lot to pick up. i guess in ohio, the unemployment rate is below the national average. but that's a huge state. >> that's a big surprise. a year ago, a year and-a-half
1:23 am
ago, people would have thought that ohio would be difficult. the campaign in these states is upon us. people are bombarded with ads right now. mitt romney is getting outspent, he is raising more money burke president obama is spending more. his effort is to define mitt romney before mitt romney can define himself. >> greta: what do the independents care about? i assume you agree, they are going to elect the president? you are not going on change the far right or the far left? >> it's about turnout. but among independents, they are going to look for who will create jobs and help the commo. it may be that we near a muddling stage. yes, we realize that the economy is not moving fast enough. but we are not sure that one guy has all the good ideas. it will be the hearts and minds battle there. but both sides are banking on that and want to disqualify the other guy when it comes to the economy, rather than talking about their plans, spend a lot of time talk about this other guy and why he would be bad.
1:24 am
>> greta: i don't think we have heard about the plan. we are hearing about both of them trying to create jobs in other countries. >> those are the attacks, exactly. -- >> greta: i should say, both sides have been debunked. i'm sorry. >> thinly sourced on both sides. but one difference played out with the taxes this weerk. president obama wanting a tax cut for thees people making less than $250 thrnd and mitt romney wanting a tax cut for everybody. but that's one thing. they are spending the time over the summer to try to bake in the feelings that the voters have whether they see one of these guys on their television. >> greta: it is interesting, it's frame as a tax cut. whether they expire and we go back to where they were. it's a -- it's whether you go back to where we were. even if you are under the $250,ul keep the same tax rate. it is not cut. >> it is a great congressional gimmick to limit the cost of the tax cuts, the fact that they had
1:25 am
them sunset or expire. the political pressure, president obama said he would veto a tax cut for the rich. he caved on that. now he says, it's for real. this is going to hang over capitol hill over the election. this is a big thing, how much politics and how much governing was the president's statement about the taxes the other day? >> clearly, he said what he was doing -- this is the same position he has had. to reiterate and to repackage this, i think that president obama, they are running plays, as the game progresses. they are trying to keep mitt romney on his toes and trying to appeal to segments. i think they are using the presidency and this is an example of that. >> thanks. >> greta: why is harry reid talking about donald trump, kim kardashian and paris hilton? is he palling around with them? start guessing. and u.s. athletes heading to london for the summer olympics.
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>> greta: the knock-down, drag-out tax battle is moving from the campaign trial capitol hill. but why did the debate turn to hollywood? we spoke to whip jon kyl? >> always good to be here.
1:30 am
>> greta: i want to talk taxes with and you start with senate majority leader harry reid said, congressional republicans want lavish, huge, across-the-board tax breaks on billionaire hedge fund managers and donald trump, fabulously rich so-called small business owners like kim kardashian and paris hiltob could qualify. >> gee, i hardly know where to start. republicans are not proposing any tax cuts for anyone. let me repeat that. republicans are not proposing any tax cuts for anyone. what we are hoping is, that president obama and senator reid will not increase taxes on any americans. what the president proposed a couple of days ago was that certain americans valid their taxes go up. and unfortunately from our perspective, it's very bad for the economy because those are the very people who would be creating the jobs and the
1:31 am
economy, mostly small business owners, the very people that the president was unwilling to raise taxes on because he said, i am quoting, would be a blow to the economy. well, economic growth was over 3%, today, it's under2%. so if it was true then, it is even more true today that we shouldn't raise the taxes. >> greta: the very fact that have you to explain that you are not seeking to cut taxes on anybody suggests to me that the republican party has lost this ground game on the p.r. because the way -- people call at this time bush tax cuts. that happened 12 years ago, but that's what people are referring to now. would you agree that the nomenclature or the war on words is that the republican party is losing. >> i don't know if we are losing it, but president obama insists on calling our ideas something that they are not. he keeps talking about republicans wanting to cut taxes for the rich. nobody eye will repeat it -- is profoesing cutting taxes for anybody. what is going to happen, automatically on january 1 of
1:32 am
next year is that everybody's taxes are going up because under the law, as you point out, the ratings that have been in existence for a decade, those rates will automatically go up unless congress and the president stop it from happening. that's what we are asking to happen -- don't let the taxes go up, mr. president. that will hurt american families and jobs and american competitors, don't allow the tax rates to go up on anybody. by the way, what he is proposing is not marginal rates, but the death tax. so if -- if you are the child, have you a brother and sister and your dad owns a plumbing business and he dies, you are faced, underwent his proposal with a 45% tax rate on the income subject to the death tax, in other words what the value of that business is, minus the exemption, 45% tax rate -- is that fair? >> greta: a couple of issues. one is the impact and doesn't have, the proposal on the
1:33 am
economy. and business owners. the other is whether or not the iniosed rev new and taxes for people making over $250,000 a year, whether that would have a significant dent in handling our deficit, or whether or not it has a political motive. i suspect you think it's a political motive. but does it make inroads in dealing with the chronic deficit. >> it doesn't raise enough money to do that. it's detrimental from two standpoints. the most difficult is that it takes money out of the private sector that haint can't be invested to hire people or create more product, in other words to help strengthen the economy. secondly, it gives more mon tote federal government to spend and i don't think most people think the federal government is very wise in what we spend. third tdoesn't raise mathat much money, we would be much better off, leaving that money with the small business people who earn the money, let them invest it in their businesses, that will do a
1:34 am
lot more to get mon tote treasury than taking it from the people today. as their businesses grow and expand, theyville to pay greater income taxes. >> greta: the democrats and republican, depending who you talk to. the democrats say they have a very small impact on small business, very small percentage. and talk to the republicans and it's strangling every small business person. how do we know who to believe on the numbers game? >> here's the truth f. terms of pure numbers, my wife was a small business person. by herself, i said, if you make more than $1,000 in a year, slow down, this isn't to make money, this is to do something that's fun for you, you enjoy doing. but it was never going to make a lot of money. so yes, it is true. a lot of really small businesses, one- or two-person businesses are not that impacted. but how many are? almost a million. how much was revenue coming from these pass-through entities is
1:35 am
affected? over half. 53%. the companies that really create the jobs, the bigger small businesses, are the ones who are hit by this very, very hard. >> greta: how do you deal with the political implication, the democrats are going to say, we are trying to get the middle class a tax cut and the republicans only want it for the rich and the hedge fund and the billionaires, that's the message. >> let's get back to the truth. they are not go -- >> greta: that's the message have you to deal with? >> i am doing it right here. nobody's talking about a tax cut, including the democrats. we're talking about keeping the tax rates where they have been for a decade, since 2001-2003. these are the so-called bush tax cuts. but we are not talking about reducing those, or curting more. we're saying leave that in place, don't raise it on anybody. and neither the democrats nor the republicans are talking about reducing taxes below that.
1:36 am
until we get to next year, when both sides have talked about fundamental tax reform, where we might be able to lower rates by eliminating so-called loopholes, but in terms of net revenue, it's the same to the federal government. you are not really talking about cutting taxes there. >> greta: you can watch all of our interview with senator kyl on gretawire. going for the gold, gymnastics star shawn johnsonst and olympics. she has a gold medal and three silver, what does it mean to be an olympic champion? up next n. two minutes, not all parking spots are created equally. one mayor's very unusual parking policy. is it sexist? that's in two minutes. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes
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1:42 am
headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. it took almost 3 weeks for the most destructive wildfire in colorado history is contained. the toll is massive. the waldo canyon fire killed two people and destroyed nearly 350 houses. thousands were forced to evacuate and 20,000 others never received the orders. officials claim that the emergency calls didn't get through because of the heavy volume. the captain of the doomed cruise liner apologizes. francessco telling an italian tv station he was distracted by a phone conversation shortly before the ship crashed into a reef on january 13. the accident killed 32 people, including an american couple. he is facing numerous charges of manslaughter, caution the accident and abandoning his ship. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. earhardt. back to greta.
1:43 am
>> greta: four olympic medals. shawn johnson became a huge star of the 2008 olympics and he won the championship on "dancing with the stars" and at the yug -- young age of 20, she was forced to retire from gymnastics and she has written a book, called "winning balance." welcome. hi. thanks for having me. >> greta: okay. let me, since noun -- none of us will ever know, that's what like to win a gold medal and have that put around your neck and hear the national anthem? >> it's the biggest honor to wear your country's colors and knowing you did them proud. so: i would give anything to have it again. but unfortunately, you know, that's the one iville to remember -- which isn't a bad one by any means. >> greta: why -- why are you so great at this isn't gold medal on the balance beam.
1:44 am
what is it -- how much is natural talent? how much is drive? there is some reason you are the best in the world. >> i think natural talent in nigh my sport has a say in it, has a part in tbut i fell in love when i was so young, just really wanted to pursue it as much as i could. you know, my parents couldn't get me out of the gym. i kept going back. >> greta: let me go to the new book. one thing that caught my attention. i followed your career and the great envy of your talent and drive, but here's one sentence in the book -- early on in the book, it says, my coach told my mom that i was full of energy but not full of talent. >> yeah. that was one of the first coaches we went to. my mom, you know, being a protective mom, she said, well, i don't believe it. we are going to find someone else. we found chow and fell in love with him and i stuck with him. >> greta: just the idea that a
1:45 am
coach, lookinga at a child, a child who goes on to win multiple olympic medals, including a gold would say, hee not full of talent. he got that one wrong. >> he sure did. i loved that motivation and proving him wrong. i don't think you can tell if any kid, three, four years old can make it all the way to the olympics. have you to trust in their passion and their heart. you know, help them as much as you can. >> greta: let me tell you something else i thought was stunning. you write this -- i had a lot of fun competing on "dancing with the sorry stars," but the biggest up side was that i could excel at more than just gymnastics. the rest of us would dream of being able to do what you do and you think that you need to go beyond that. >> i did. you know, before "dancing with the stars," i wasn't sure if i could do anything outoutside of my sport. i need someday sort of way to boost my confidence and to prove
1:46 am
myself wrong. working hard for that and getting that coveted mirror ball trophy really proved it -- i could step outside my comfort zone and prove the world wrong, along with myself. >> greta: you are doing it again. at a very young aiming, you have a knee injury that is changing your career, not ending it, but certainly changing it, in terms of performing in gymnastics. but you have written a new book and you get a clans to inspire others and to start something new. >> yeah. not quite sure what i want to do yet or where i am going to go, but i have had many opportunities, you know, prohibited to me since i announced my retirement and the biggest one will be going to london and working that entire time and cheering on my teammates. >> greta: i am sure they look forward to being cheered on. you brought a lot of joy and pride to the american people, winning all of those medals. boy, was that coach wrong. good luck with your new book.
1:47 am
have fun in london at the olympics. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> greta: straight ahead, is house minority leader nancy pelosi headed for "dancing with the stars"? her dance moves are caught on camera. and why is donald trump teed off? it is not what you think. it is not what you think. you will see what has the donald chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. ♪
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>> you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. nancy pelosi showing she is want all business. she is caught on camera, hitting the dance floor at barney frank's wedding. over the weekend, congressman frank married his long-time partner in his home-state of massachusetts. nancy pelosi was caught on wedding video, dancing with the co-bestmen and she was one of the last to leave the dance floor. and did you hear what donald trump is up to? he's showcasing his newest venture, a luxury golf course. but it's in scottland the trump international golf links took more than 7 years and $155 million to get it built. he clashed with residents and environmentalists. how popular is it now? it has createssed 160 jobs and at the opening bag pipers escorted trump to the first hole.
1:52 am
he cut a ribbon and then teed off. minnesota vikings star adrienne peterson is speaking out about his recent arrest -- sort of. he was arrested after a scuffle with police in houston in a nightclub. he was charged with a misdemeanor and released on bond. after the release, he got busy, he took to twitter, football fans were hoping the tweets would explain what happened at the club. but they didn't. instead, he quoted -- ready for this -- he quoted winston chump lil. that's right. he tweeted, a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on and signed it w.c. a mystery woman in north korea. an unidentified young woman has been appeared at several events with young -- with kim jong il. who is she there speculation
1:53 am
that he is a younger sister or his wife. but the north korean government has abstained silence. it's a secret. coming up, your last call and one more look before we turn down the lights. if you thought paying for luggage, food and pills was paying over the top. hear what airlines are going to hear what airlines are going to charge you for now.
1:54 am
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it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels re half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time for last call. do you think the airlines like digging through your wallet for cash? seems like each year there is a new fee. here is jay leno's take on their latest move. >> listen to this. the airlines are considering charging passengers a fee to exit the plane first, after landing. like they want to you pay, do you want to be first to get off the plane? you have to pay an extra fee. how about landing on time? so we're not so desperate to
1:58 am
get the hell off the plane? >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we're going to see you again tomorrow night. go to greta there is an open thread so you can tell us what you thought about the show and much more, good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. sic st ♪ >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling, andrea tantaros, dana perino, greg gutfeld. bob beckel. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >> eric: president obama doubled down today. trying to spend quart irtrillion election year tax hike to a chicken in every pot speech. >> i believe that we should make sure that the taxes on the 98% of americans don't go
1:59 am
up. and then we should let the tax cut expire for folks like me. fors. rethe iason i say that, not it's because i know i can afford it. to give me a tax break or give warren buffett another tax break or mitt romney another tax break, that would cost about $1 trillion. and we can't afford it. >> eric: the problem is, mr. obama, your own joint committee on taxation tells a completely different story. allow me to refresh your memory, sir. obama tax hike, we will reveal. what he says to a 3% that is affected by it. this is what he means. 940,000 businesses including $1.3 trillion in income are subject to higher taxation. that means68


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